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Who we are

Our background

Technology is changing, and changing the way we do business.

The mobile era has put access to massive computing power in everyone's pocket.

Competitive businesses today means harnessing that power to drive operational efficiency, management control and customer engagement across the enterprise.

Protogenos is here to provide business owners like you with the right tools and technologies to do just that.

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What we offer

Working with you

We'll work with you to understand your business, identifying business processes our technology will help

Sleek interface

Our in-house designers ensure that your custom built app works beautifully for your business

Latest technology

Our developers only use the leading mobile technologies ensuring reliable yet scalable applications

Feel supported

Our support services suit everyone, from small owner-managed businesses through to global brands

Our team

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    Russell Phillippe

    Co-founder, Senior developer

  • Team person
    James Veitch

    Co-founder, Senior architect

Our clients

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